In early 2011 i was back in Boston and had a lot of time on my hands ,  i have always had an interest in Politics and how the system works and wanted to try and make a positive impact if i could .  I started talking to Politicians Locally to see how i could get involved , the main party at the time that i felt as if i liked was UKIP , i spoke with their local representative and he quickly arranged a meeting for me to meet one of the Executive members in Skegness away from UKIP National Conference that was taking place at the time,  Mr Farage didn’t come along and i think the meeting was to feel me out , i can remember the Gentleman i met talking to me  about the land and ithink he come out with something silly about the type of Vegetable that was grown locally and it just sticks in my mind that they didn’t understand anything about the local area ,  the people or economy .  During my research i wanted to find if there was an English National Party same as the SNP in Scotland , i learnt of the English Democrats and arranged a meeting with their leader Robin Tilbrook who i found to be a great guy , i think he was from a Professional background being an barrister or something similar .  I went to a small conference they had in Leicester before the local elections and everyone was friendly and middle class people who just wanted to be recognized and for an English Parliament . I decided to run for my local Estate under their banner .  I put a post on Facebook and asked my friends who wants to run with me about 2 weeks before the actual vote , i was amazed by the amount of people that wanted to make a difference , they was generally people you wouldn’t expect to be  in politics . Taxi drivers, roofers, mechanics and all working class young to middle age lads.  Anyway i think 11 run in total and we painted the Town Red and White and 100’s of flags, boards, banners, leaflets through doors and on the night 2 of us won the vote on my local estate and the support of all the people who trusted in me to represent them , i become the first of Two English Democrat Councillors ever elected an i am proud of this achievement .

I learnt alot being a local Councillor and i believe i made a difference in Boston and was definitely a ” Disruptor ”  a word i hear regular now in the Tech World ,  was a good experience and i wouldn’t change a thing , i got to be in the Newspapers and on T.V and my voice and the Peoples voice was heard, everyone could see what was happening in Boston and i think i helped highlight them problems .  Just for the record i never claimed 1 penny in expenses while acting as a Councillor .

One day i will go back to Boston and win the Elected Mayor Seat and be the executive power there . Only joking my days of Politics are well and truely over .

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