Property Request

The incubator¬†start up scheme we have created as had a steady influx of ideas and one that is taking steps forward is Property Request a digital property finding service that helps people find and buy homes before they reach the market and estate agents. They simple post their requirements, location required including Area or Name of Street and even a Premium Service where they can discreetly let us know the specific house they would wish to buy and then the Web App helps to provide this service and connect with sellers, potential sellers who are not even on the market and also Agents can send suitable properties. All buyers and sellers are vetted and the Fee’s will be the lowest in the UK.


We will be launching firstly in Lincolnshire and inviting over 200+ Estate Agents to work with us in Beta.


Always loved Property and this service is close to home, having met Nick Mctrick few months back who set Rightmove up I think helped to relight the Property Flame. Its been received warmly by agents and I think they want an easy to use platform like this.


1 Property Request notifies every agent your in the the market and that your current position.


Winner Winner.

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